'Instrument flight' to the inner ear - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A study published in Science Robotics suggests that a high-precision surgical robot for cochlear implantation has been developed, ScienceDaily reported Wednesday.

  • Study author Stefan Weber said "the robot relies on a number of sensors which are a high-accuracy, optical tracking system, a sensor for resistance that can 'feel' the texture of the bone while drilling, and a radar-like nerve stimulation probe that sends small electric pulses into the bone from which the robot can compute whether or not it is on the preplanned track."

  • The technology underwent technical and laboratory testing stages to ensure patient safety, according to the news source.

  • "Our results encourage us that we have addressed many of the challenges of using a robot for cochlear implantation surgery," said study author Marco Caversaccio.

  • The researchers are reportedly planning further developments including drug delivery to the inner ear.

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