Seventh Sense Biosystems' TAP blood collection device gains FDA 510(k) clearance

Seventh Sense Biosystems (7SBio) announced Thursday that its TAP blood collection device received FDA 510(k) clearance, allowing healthcare workers to use the device to collect capillary blood for haemoglobin A1c testing. 7SBio noted TAP is the "first-ever device for fast and virtually painless blood draw."

7SBio said it will launch TAP over the coming months, adding that it is working with the FDA to expand the device's use to add additional tests, along with at home collection. CEO Howard Weisman remarked that "TAP has the potential to transform blood collection from an inconvenient, stressful, and painful experience to one people can do themselves anywhere, making health monitoring much easier." 

The company explained that TAP is placed on the upper arm, with blood collection starting with a "simple press of a button," and that the process typically takes two to three minutes to complete.

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