Market for new heart valve device could take years to build - (Yahoo!News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Medical device makers are investing heavily in transcatheter mitral valve replacement systems, but it will be at least four years before the technology reaches the US, as reported Yahoo!News Wednesday.
  • Medtronic, Abbott, Edwards Lifesciences and HeartWare International recently spent a total of $2 billion to buy companies developing versions of the technology.
  • Abbott's MitraClip, which is the only minimally invasive product on the US market for mitral disease, has annual worldwide sales of about $250 million.
  • John Capek, Abbott's executive vice president, projects strong double-digit annual growth for the MitraClip over the next several years.
  • Meanwhile, Edwards Lifesciences expects the aortic market will grow to $3 billion in worldwide sales in five years, double 2014 revenues, due to advancements in the technology and approvals to treat additional patient populations.
  • Some analysts, such as Morgan Stanley's David Lewis, predict the mitral market could be two to three times larger as more patients have mitral valve disease than aortic disease.

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